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Our Vision & Mission

We are embracing our professional responsibility in developing excellence as a team and taking time to hear your story, respecting all experiences, understanding needs, setting goals together, and thoughtful questioning in order to better prepare our students for community involvement!


C. Elizabeth Rieg Regional School's Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide a well-rounded safe school environment that helps empower and prepare students for functional life after (outside) C. Elizabeth Rieg Regional School.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality individualized instruction which shows that all students can learn and develop communication, academic, and functional life skills in order to build various levels of independence and success in society.

Core Values

Key beliefs guiding our work

  • Positive Collaboration and Communication
  • Community Based Instruction that leads to Successful Transition Program
  • Creating a Responsible, Respectful, and Safe Environment
  • Ensure Love, Care, and Student Well-being

Principal’s Vision That Embraces the Mission

I will do everything possible to create and foster a positive environment that is welcoming, nurturing, forward moving, and collaborative, and embraces an open and honest 2-way communication in supporting the students of C. Elizabeth Rieg Regional School along their journey of growth, development, and success.