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Information for Parents and Caregivers

Learn about submitting notes for attendance by clicking the + sign below to read our Attendance & Tardiness policies.

Attendance & Tardiness

For students to have maximum success, we encourage their attendance in school daily. Parents or guardians must complete the Student Absences Notification Form as verification for student absence. The school will utilize an automated system (SchoolMAX) to notify parents or guardians of students’ absences and tardiness. Please register for SchoolMAX to self-monitor and also receive automated messages from the school.

SchoolMAX Support for Parents and Guardians


Student absences from school, including absence for any portion of the day, shall be deemed a lawful absence (excused with a note) if: a death occurs in the immediate family, court summons, hazardous weather conditions, observance of a religious holiday, state emergency, and illness of a student. For absences due to illness, a doctor’s note must be presented after 5 or more days. Please work with your child's teacher to ensure that the school receives required information in order for the absence to become an excused or lawful absence. Any student who is absent from school for a day for any reason other than those defined as a lawful excuse will be considered unexcused.  Absences that past 10 consecutive days will be subject to withdrawal. On day 11 a meeting notice will be sent to discuss attendance and withdrawal proceedings. Anyone who is unlawfully absent from school for a number of days or portions of days in excess of 10% of the school days within any marking period, semester, or year, or late arrivals will be referred to the Principal and the Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW).


Students who arrive after 8:20 AM are considered tardy. All students arriving after 8:20 AM must be signed in in the “Student Late Arrival Log” located in the lobby. Any student who arrives after 11:45 AM will be counted as a half-day present in accordance with Administrative Procedure 5113. At which time a classroom staff member will be called to the Main Office to safely escort them to class. Students will receive a tardy slip with the time so that the teacher can update School Max indicating the Tardy (not absent) and the time. Students who are tardy more than 10 times during a marking period, semester, or year will be referred to the Principal and the Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW).  Phone calls will be made daily by an automated system to homes when students are absent and tardy as part of our attendance focus.