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Early Dismissal Procedure

  1. Students Please bring your early departure note into the main office upon your arrival to school. Early departure notes should indicate the following information: Student name, date, departure time, reason, parent signature and contact phone number. A Pink Class Dismissal Slip will be given to the student indicating the name, date and time of their scheduled departure. The Pink Class Dismissal Slip allows the student to leave class and meet their parent in the main office for sign-out. This process helps to expedite the departure process so classes are not interrupted by announcing students over the PA System. All students must be signed out by a parent or an emergency contact listed in SchoolMax.
  2. Early Departures for Medical Appointments - Students departing for medical appointments will be coded as unexcused. To have this departure excused, the student must provide the main office with a Doctor's Note upon their arrival to school the next day.
  3. Emergency Contacts - Please make sure this information is up to date in SchoolMax. Emergency Contact information will not be updated at pick-up time. Please schedule an appointment with the Guidance Secretary to update your information. Only those individuals listed in SchoolMax will be allowed to pick-up and sign out students.
  4. Student Drivers -  Students must bring a note into the main office upon their arrival to school. The note must be signed by their parent, indicate the date, departure time, reason and parent contact phone number. The student will receive a Pink Departure Slip from class. Parents must also send an email authorization to the students Administrator prior to the students departure time. The email authorization must contain the following: Copy of Parent Drivers License and indicate their authorization for the student to depart school driving and the reason for the departure.
  5. All students must be legally signed out.