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About Us



International High School at Largo opened with one hundred 9th graders in Fall 2015. The only requirement to apply to our school is that English is not your first language. Our school, a public high school in PGCPS, partnered with Internationals Network for Public School, Springpoint/Carnegie Corporation of NY, and CASA in our development and launching stages, so we could provide another option to high school English Language Learners (ELLs) in place of their neighborhood school.

Since our opening, we have grown by 100 students each year. We celebrated the graduation of our first senior class in May 2019. Our team of 30 plus dedicated team members are committed to supporting our students, referred to as global ambassadors, on their college and career path. We focus on four CARE values: curiosity, aspiration, resilience, and empathy. We also engage in restorative practices with our students and staff, aka pioneers.

Our curricula aligns with PGCPS, and it also includes language support and experiential projects. Our teachers have four roles: instructional facilitator, curriculum designer, team player, and advisor. Many of our staff are 12 month employees and lead mastery camp/summer school throughout the month of July.