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About TRC

About the TRC Program

Kingsford Elementary School is a TAG in the Regular Classroom (TRC) school. TAG students are clustered in grade level cohorts. The classroom teacher delivers the services based on many types of assessments.  Teachers with gifted students will provide instruction and activities that reflect learning styles and multiple intelligences.

We provide differentiated instructional strategies in the heterogeneous classroom which may include:

  • Tiered assignments
  • Flexible groupings
  • Independent studies
  • Acceleration opportunities
  • Jacob’s Ladder and Junior Great Book programs
  • Differentiated reading, spelling and math instruction based on meaningful assessments and ability levels
  • Literacy Circles/Book Clubs
  • Technology Integration
  • Bloom’s Math Units
  • Literature Projects
  • Learning/interest centers

The role of TAG Coordinator consists of two major components: identification of talented and gifted students and a resource to teachers, parents, and students. The TAG Program is for second through fifth grade. Universal testing is done in first and  fourth grade in order to give every student the opportunity to be identified as TAG. These tests, along with grades, teacher and parent checklists, and achievement tests are compiled together in a matrix to determine which students qualify as TAG.

Kindergarten through 1st Grade are not considered TAG grades. However differentiation occurs when assessment data indicates a need. You may see author studies, scientific investigations, centers that promote higher order thinking, higher order questioning techniques, and the use of I Ready and Dreambox.

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Please email me our TAG Coordinator at if you have any questions.