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About Us

Our Vision and Mission

At Langley Park McCormick, we aspire to create a community that is empowered, collaborative and committed to ensuring that our children reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally.

Our Mission at Langley Park McCormick is to:

  • Provide rigorous and engaging curriculum where students can compete globally.  
  • Promote critical thinking skills.
  • Develop a technology driven culture that embraces change and innovation.
  • Establish and maintain an environmentally responsible space.
  • Foster an environment that is inclusive where students, families, and staff feel supported and valued.
  • Expose students to enriching experiences to enhance their knowledge.

Our Community and School History 

The community of Langley Park is located on the northwestern edge of Prince Georges County, inside the Capital Beltway. Langley Park was established in 1923 by the McCormick-Goodhart family. “The name McCormick-Goodhart represented the linking of one of Chicago’s oldest families, that of Cyrus McCormick, with that of British barrister Frederick E. McCormick-Goodhart” (Wikipedia, 2019). The families named this 540 acre piece of land Langley Park.

Langley Park was subdivided after World War II and “was developed as a planned community by Pierre Ghent & Associates of Washington, D.C. (Wikipedia, 2019). Based on the needs after the war was over, the area of Langley Park was developed into apartments, semi-detached  and single family housing. Finally in 1963 the last large section of the area began to see development for use as a seminary and was used up until the early 1990’s.  

Our school, Langley Park McCormick Elementary, opened its doors in 1950. “In 1988, Leander McCormick-Goodhart, real estate developer and descendant of the estate owners, sent the school a $10,000 donation after receiving an invitation to attend a school event” (Wikipedia, 2019). At that time sixty percent of the schools population was foreign born and spoke twenty-seven different languages.

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