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Largo's Alma Mater and Lion Pact

 Largo High School Alma Mater

Hail to the Largo High School Spirit  
Hail to the silver, white and blue 
Lion's pride we hold so dear 
Will always be with you.  
Hail to the Largo High School Spirit 
Honor and pride and dignity 
We will ever love and cherish
You eternally.  
As we build for the future 
Caring is our tool 
We lead the quest to be the best 
Largo High School.  
Close your eyes and remember 
All the friends we knew  
A part of me will always be  
Largo High School.

Listen to our Alma Mater

Lion Pact

I am a Lion
I am strong and proud
I am a Lion
Royal and true
I am a Lion
I bleed the silver, white and blue
Using my mind
Success will come too
For I have goals to pursue
If I remain committed
My destiny will be within view
I am the future
I will not fail
Accountability comes first
In all I hail
I am the Lion
And here I stand
I pledge my promise to graduate
And take my diploma in my hand