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Health & Physical Education



The Health and Physical Education Department at Largo High School aims to provide a supportive, safe, and collaborative learning environment where our students will learn skills that develop competency, strengthen decision making, and utilize critical thinking skills in regards to lifelong health and fitness. Students will be able to define, demonstrate, and value a healthy active lifestyle.

Program Overview

Physical Education

Physical Education involves the learning of skills, the acquisition of knowledge and the development of attitudes through movement. Physical education is that part of the total process of education which utilizes games, sport, aquatics, dance, and health fitness activities to help the individual achieve the goals of education. Well-defined programs of physical education provide a systemic progression of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor experiences as our students pass through various developmental stages during their tenure in school.

Health Education

Health Education, as an applied science, provides current information on a variety of health areas of interest and concern to our students. Its components include knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. Students learn to differentiate between healthful and harmful behaviors and to recognize the effects of decisions. The course also provides opportunities to gain new scientific information, learn and practice goal setting and to make plans to achieve and maintain optimum health.


Last Name First Name Position Phone Extension Email    
Crawford Raymon Teacher / Department Chairperson 84036 Teacher / Department Chairperson Health Phys Ed Department
Hazell Kimarra Teacher 91133 Classroom Teacher Health Phys Ed Department