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The mission of the Prince George’s County Public Schools Mathematics Department is to “empower” students to utilize higher order thinking skills through daily mathematical practices. We believe that students, parents, teachers and other members of the learning community are essential pieces of the puzzle that involves the learning of mathematics. This is a belief we share because our students have promising futures and should be held to high expectations by all stakeholders. Students gain experiences by being taught mathematical concepts, problem solving, making connections to real-world situations and technology utilization.


Last Name
First Name
Phone Extension
Angco Nicetas Department Chairperson/Classroom Teacher 84078
Gerguis Sherif Classroom Teacher 84163
Mercader Rosalie Classroom Teacher
Nguasong Raissa Classroom Teacher 84168
Nguyen Truc Classroom Teacher 84080
Ningpa Tiwang Classroom Teacher 84079
Otway Gene Classroom Teacher / SPED
Tholley Joseph Teacher 84048