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Vision & Mission

The Vision of Largo High School Science Department is to prepare students to become scientifically literate citizens capable of making connections and informed decisions regarding real-world experiences through global and domestic communication and collaboration. 
The Mission of the Largo High School Science Department is to increase student achievement. Students will become scientifically literate through authentic laboratory experiences, increased exposure of inquiry-based science instruction and problem solving. The teachers within this department will engage students in various levels of thinking and articulation of the conceptual understanding of science concepts, reasoned with evidence. 



Last Name
First Name
Phone Extension
Clermont Christian Teacher 84052
Cuadera Joy Grace Teacher / Department Chairperson 84039
Evasco Alma SPED Teacher 84053
James-Womack Brittany SPED Teacher
Johnson Paul Teacher 84124
Quintero Isabelita SPED Teacher 84041

Course Offerings

  • Biology  
  • Biology Honors
  • Chemistry 
  • Chemistry Honors
  • Forensic Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Biogeochemical Systems (BGCS)
  • Advance Placement (AP) Biology 
  • Physics  
  • Physiology/Medical Science 
  • Advance Placement (AP) Physics 


What is STEM Education? 

STEM Education is an approach to teaching and learning that integrates the content and skills of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM Standards of Practice guide STEM instruction by defining the combination of behaviors, integrated with STEM content, which are expected of a proficient STEM student. These behaviors include engagement in inquiry, logical reasoning, collaboration, and investigation. The goal of STEM education is to prepare students for post-secondary study and the 21st century workforce.

STEM Fairs 

Prince George Area Science Fair

Grades 6 - 12

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (IISEF)

IISEF is the largest pre-college science fair competition. Check the site for more details. Winners from the Prince George Area Science Fair (PGASF) in grades 9 - 12 may compete in this fair. 
2014 PGASF - Intel ISEF Forms and Resources for students, parents and teacher.