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Special Education



To ensure that students with disabilities graduate college, career, and community-ready by providing a continuum of services, specialized instruction and related services.

Programs and Services

The Office of Programs and Services provides services to and on behalf of eligible students, birth to 21, with developmental and physical disabilities who receive special education or have 504 Plans. Support programs include:  Adapted Physical Education, the Bilingual Assessment Team, (BAT), Deaf and Hard of Hearing services, Vision services and Assistive Technology services. Related Services include Audiology, Occupational and Physical Therapy and Speech Language Pathology. Support programs and related services address specific student needs through the use of  pre-referral consultations, assessments, interventions and/or  supports to school teams for program planning and training. Support programs and related services can provide strategies, accommodations, and technical support as well as monitoring and maintenance of any equipment to enhance the student’s ability to access and participate in his/her educational program.


Last Name
First Name
Phone Extension
Aquino Harlen SPED English Teacher 84171 Classroom Teacher
Benavidez Maria SPED Teacher Read 180 84056 Classroom Teacher
Bonham Nicole SPED Coordinator 84012 Coordinator
Britt-Douglass Angela SPED/ISEA 84141 ISEA
Chernyak Irina Visually Impaired 84160 Other
Howard Valma SPED Paraprofessional 84141 Paraprofessional
James-Womack Brittany SPED Science Teacher Classroom Teacher
Jones Jaida SPED Paraprofessional 84141 Paraprofessional
Kinard Lucy ISEA / Autism 84141 ISEA
Leak Letasia SPED Teacher Classroom Teacher
Little Nathaniel SPED Teacher 84141 Paraprofessional
Narvasa Nimfa SPED English Teacher 84095 Classroom Teacher
O'Donnell Kevin Psychologist 84160 School Psychologist
Oliver Teresa SPED Autism Teacher 84141 Classroom Teacher
Otway Gene SPED Mathematics Teacher Classroom Teacher
Quintero Isabelita SPED Science Teacher 84053 Classroom Teacher
Scott Nikia SPED Paraprofessional 84141 ISEA
Smith Aleasa SPED / Autism Paraprofessional 84057 Paraprofessional
Teasley Orelia SPED Paraprofessional 84141 Paraprofessional
Turner Barrington SPED Speech Pathologist 84160 Speech Pathologist
Wilson-Few Lisa SPED Paraprofessional 84141 ISEA
Wright Antione SPED Social Studies Teacher 84107 Classroom Teacher