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Technology Education


Technology Education is a Maryland State Department of Education graduation requirement. Technology Education offers comprehensive, experienced-based courses in which students learn about technology - its evolution, systems, techniques utilization, and cultural significance. The curriculum is designed to enable students to discover, create, and solve problems. As the students construct solutions they will be using state of the art tools such as archives, materials, computer systems, processes, and technological systems.


First Name
Last Name
Courses/ Position
Phone Extension
Abdul Sabur Malik Teacher / TechEd Chairperson 84037
Weaver Ian Teacher 84127

Course Offerings

These courses are designed for mostly hands-on activities with individualized progress and accomplishments with emphasis on Pre-Engineering and the Core Technologies. These technologies include Electricity, Electronics, Mechanical Systems, Fluid Systems, Optical Systems, Structural Systems, Small Engines (Thermal Systems) and Materials Technology.

  • Foundations of Technology 
    • 1 credit 
    • 2 semester course
  • Advanced Design Applications
    • 1 credit
    • Full year course
  • Advanced Technological Applications
    • 1 credit
    • Full year course
  • Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles
    • 1 credit
    • Full year course

Students are furnished with all materials that are required for these courses except for a .5 mm Mechanical pencil.

All Technology Education students are given a parent information letter that explains the safety precautions taken by the school while the students are in the lab.

Grading Policy

Grading Criteria

  • Classwork (minimum four per Quarter) - 50% 
  • Test and Quizzes - 40% 
  • Homework - 20% 

Employability skills equal 10% of your classwork grade and are defined as being on time, being prepared for class, working all period and participating in clean-up at the end of class.

Grading Rubric

  • Quality of lines
    • Precision
    • Accuracy
  • Levels of us for instruments and equipment
    • Functional use
    • Precision of the scale rule
    • Level of neatness
  • Effective use of time

Technology Competitions

  • Structural Bridge Building (determined by the most weight supported). 2nd Quarter 
  • MouseTrap Car Race (determined by the distance traveled) 3rd Quarter 
  • Architectural Model Building (Technology Systems) 4th Quarter