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About Us

Welcome to Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School, an exemplary school in Prince George’s County.  As a staff, we support the mission of Prince George’s County Public Schools, which is to ensure that all students acquire knowledge and develop skills that will enable them to become productive citizens and lifetime learners.  Strong MLK School Photoinstructional leadership, high expectations and an emphasis on learning in a safe and orderly school environment characterize MLK.  Teams of teachers will closely monitor your academic progress and make appropriate instructional adjustments to your program.  All stakeholders; parents, students, and staff sign a Parent Agreement Form outlining expectations for attendance, behavior and academics.  It is our belief that each and every student who attends MLK has the potential to be successful if he or she is committed to striving for academic excellence.

MLK parents are expected to be involved to a high degree in the academic progress of their children.  A computerized progress report and report card are sent home twice each quarter giving parents an update on current academic progress in each subject.  Parent, student and teacher conferences are scheduled to discuss overall progress and to develop a plan of action to be mutually implemented.  Parents receive a weekly newsletter to apprise them of current events.  Homework is assigned on a nightly basis to reinforce the teaching and learning process.  Students are required to use their Agenda Books to record homework assignments and parents are expected to monitor progress to ensure completion of assignments.

MLKMS CourtyardIt is our hope that your middle school experience will be a positive one.  A strong academic focus, a commitment to community service, and extracurricular enrichment activities will prepare you for the high school years to come.  A shared accountability between you, your parents and the MLK staff will guarantee your success.  Our vision is reflected in our school motto:  “Success Today – Success Tomorrow.” 

MLK MS Mission:

We will achieve the vision through a commitment to collaborating with families to not only foster the growth of knowledge of our students, by being unwavering in maintaining high expectations for them, but also by nurturing them to ensure they develop socially and emotionally in a safe and supportive environment where they can freely share and pursue their interests.

Area 2 Vision: 

PGCPS middle schools will provide safe learning environments that drive and support the academic and socio-emotional growth of all stakeholders while promoting, enhancing and empowering students  for college and career readiness.


MLK MS Vision: 

The staff at Martin L. King Jr. MS  is committed to providing a rigorous academic program for every child, which enhances their potential to be college and career ready and leverage the skills obtained to contribute to greatness as they appropriately advocate for themselves, their peers, and the world.