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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is this year's school uniform policy?

A: As with every school year, students are required to wear either a short or long sleeve, plain polo shirt, organizing them by grade level (6th grade = Royal Blue; 7th grade = Red; 8th grade = White) and khaki-colored pants, skirts, or shorts.

Q. My child wore a hoodie to school today. Why were they reprimanded?

A: Per PGCPS policy, NO hooded items are to be worn in school. Admittedly, we were a bit lax on this policy last year, especially during the winter - but this year, we will be strict about it all year round.

Q. My child wants to carry their supplies with them throughout the day instead of use their locker. Is that okay?

A: It is, IF the child has a CLEAR book bag. These are the only kinds of bags permitted to be carried throughout the building by students while transitioning from class to class. If they do not have a clear book bag presently, they need to store their supplies in their locker until they have one.

Q. I've heard MLK's bell schedule has changed recently. What are the new times?

A: It has. For the 2023-24 School Year, MLK is transitioning to a 6-mod day instead of the 5-mod day we've had for the past several years. This page will be updated with a bell schedule as soon as we have one available.

Q. What's the latest I can pick my scholar up for early dismissal?

A: 3:30pm.

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