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About Us

Valley View Elementary School’s Vision

The vision of Valley View Elementary School is that of a “SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE” where students soar academically, socially, and emotionally.  We envision a school where the staff works collaboratively and enjoys the benefits of a collegial atmosphere that allows them to change, grow, and develop both professionally and personally.

Valley View Elementary School’s Mission

The staff of Valley View Elementary School will provide all students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge as well as to develop skills and work habits through higher level thinking, a challenging rigorous curriculum, motivating, and engaging instruction that inspire them to set high standards for themselves, which will enable them to become both valuable and productive members of their society. Frequent monitoring of progress, high expectations, continuous home-school communication, and a warm, positive school climate will enable all students to achieve high levels of academic performance and positive growth in social-emotional behaviors and attitudes.  We accept our responsibility to achieve these goals as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our mission is to:

Meet the needs of all students

Increase student achievement

Sustain positive relationships

Support parents as partners

Ignite a love of learning  

Offer a safe and orderly environment

Nourish each other with encouragement

School Colors:

Blue and Gold  (Please Note: The school uniform shirt color is light blue. Please review the Valley View Uniform Policy.)

School Mascot:


School Motto:

“A School of Excellence with No Exceptions” 

School Values:




Caring, Courteous, Considerate

On task



Valley View Elementary School’s Pledge

In our community at Valley View Elementary School everyone has the right to learn, that is why we must be: 

Focused students who are, 

Attentive at all times.  We are 

Leaders, who are, 

Caring, Courteous, and Considerate 

On Task 

Neat in appearance and 


Because we are a School of Excellence with NO exceptions!