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Falcon Parent Teacher Association 

Welcome to another year of excellence at Valley View Elementary School! The Parent Teacher Association is dedicated to making a positive impact upon the academic, professional and social development of all children at Valley View.

Join the PTA Today!

We hope that you will join us in our goal to make this a GREAT year for our students and staff at Valley View! Joining the PTA does not require much of your time ...only what you choose to volunteer. Whether you prefer face-to-face interaction or online, we simply invite you to join a network that gives you an opportunity to provide input, share ideas and concerns, and  support our children.

Download a member form from Valley View Homepage - Parents' Page and submit your $10.00 dues payment, or click here for the PTA Membership Form

Additional Information

Click here for the VVES Student/Parent Handbook

Parent Information

Phone Calls

Students will not be called out of class to take phone calls from parents. If an emergency necessitates a child being contacted, an administrator or designee will assist as needed. Phone calls made for changes in dismissal procedures for your child will not be accepted without written documentation. Cell phones must be turned off during the day at school. If you need to contact your child, please call the office and leave a message. Students are not allowed to make calls in the school building using their own cell phones. (Please refer to the cell phone policy in this handbook).

Parent Conferences

Communication is an essential part of the educational program. We feel it is very important for parents to keep in close contact with their child’s teacher concerning his/her progress. Please schedule conferences in advance for a time that is convenient for all, i.e., before or after school, during teacher planning periods, etc. Our phone number is: 301-749-4350.

Student Information Cards

During the first week of school, your child’s teacher will be sending home an information form for you to complete, having this information returned promptly and correctly is of utmost importance. A record of this information is kept in the school office in the event you need to be contacted. Please make sure all telephone numbers and addresses are accurate and clearly written. Remember to put the name and telephone number of a person who can be contacted in case you cannot be reached. Please notify the school if you change addresses or telephone numbers during the year. It is very important that your records are kept up to date.

Parent Involvement Opportunities

School Volunteers

If you are interested in becoming a school volunteer, please call the school. Your interest and involvement are always appreciated.

Board Policy # 0106

Must Have Fingerprints On File!


Your participation in our fundraising efforts this year is very important. Money from fundraising is always used and goes directly to supporting the students of Valley View ES. Thank you for your continued support.

School Planning Management Team

Members of the SPMT represent the total adult school community. They represent the ideas, feelings, thoughts, concerns, input and perspective of all respective groups. The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is part of the SPMT. SPMT meetings are held once a month.

Parent/Teacher Association

PTA meetings are held once a month. The PTA will encourage families to help their children, their school and the community. At least one executive member of the PTA will be a member of the SPMT. In addition to PTA organized activities and meetings, the PTA will serve as a support system on the SPMT.

Other Ways You Can Get Involved

  • Volunteer to work with various special events
  • Ask the teacher if there are any special projects that you can do from home
  • Assist in the library/computer lab
  • Plan to participate in career day
  • Be a class reader

Nurse Notes

Our school has the services of a full time nurse who is mainly responsible for dispensing medications, vision and hearing screenings, keeping immunization records up to date, assessing students who became sick while at school, as well as applying first aid.

If you know your child is sick, Please do not send them to school. If your child becomes seriously ill at school, we will contact you immediately. Children who get ill at school will need to be picked up by parents and taken home. If we cannot reach you immediately we will use the emergency contact information you have provided. It is very important to have current working phone numbers, and update them regularly as they may change. Please remember we cannot keep seriously ill children at school. Children must be free of fever, vomiting and diarrhea for 24 hours without assistance of medication before they can return to school.

The nurse documents students’ visits and if warranted, will make attempts to contact the parent using the phone numbers on file.


Medicine, including aspirin, cannot be administered by school personnel. Students who need to take prescribed medication or over-the-counter medication must have the appropriate form signed by the physician and parent before the medication can be brought to school. The medication and form must be left in the office with the Nurse.

All medication should be brought in by an Adult and immediately turned into the School Nurse. No medication should be in the possession of a student, including Cough Drops, Eye Drops, Inhalers, etc.)

Parents are asked to make the school aware of students’ food allergies and/or other medical conditions.

Breakfast & Lunch Programs

You must complete the Meal Applications for FREE/REDUCED lunch at the beginning of each school year. We encourage every parent to apply. Breakfast and Lunch menus are distributed monthly. If there are changes in your household income or living arrangements during the school year a new application must be completed and submitted online. All information is kept confidential that only the cafeteria manager has record of.

Currently, the school system recognizes two lunch options. Students can either bring their lunch to school with them or purchase lunch from the cafeteria. The Automated Cafeteria System (ACS) is used in the school’s cafeteria. Each student will have an account that is accessed by a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Parents may deposit money into their child’s account by sending it directly to the school’s cafeteria manager or electronically using the New Electronic Payment Portal for School Meals. Each time a child buys from the cafeteria the account is debited.

Please make sure your student comes prepared for lunch. It is the county policy that a cheese sandwich and milk are given to those students who do not have lunch/lunch money.