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About Us

The William S. Schmidt Outdoor Education Center (Camp Schmidt) is an academic center that provides students with a meaningful outdoor experience which enhances as well as reinforces skills learned in the classroom. As a result, participants have a greater comfort level in being outdoors as well as a greater awareness of the environment and their responsibility as citizens in making informed decisions that preserve and protect natural resources.

The Schmidt Center offers opportunities for students across many grades to participate in Environmental Literacy programming. Onsite instruction includes the 1st grade program, 5th grade residential program, Envirothon, and team building opportunities for students and staff. Outreach programming includes kindergarten, 3rd grade, 6th - 8th grade, and high school.

Our 450 acre campus is the centerpiece for environmental education for Prince George’s County Public Schools. Staff work to fulfill the mission by offering high quality, multidisciplinary, environmental education programs that result in students making decisions and taking actions in devising solutions to environmental questions.

Environmental Literacy Goals

Each goal will promote greater student achievement through meaningful outdoor education experiences.

Goal 1: Every Student Outdoors Every Year
Goal 2: Authentic Inquiry Based Learning for all Students
Goal 3: Professional Development of Environmental Literacy for all Teachers
Goal 4: Every School will be a Green School
Goal 5: Curriculum Alignment of Environmental Literacy Standards

Mission Statement

Environmental literacy will increase the capacity of the school community through…

  • Meaningful outdoor experiences
  • Program development
  • Curriculum development
  • Professional development
  • Green school support
  • Partnership opportunities

Vision Statement

The Environmental Literacy Team envisions a connected school community of environmentally literate leaders who possess the knowledge, intellectual skills, experience, and motivation to make and act upon responsible environmental decisions.