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Public Charter Schools

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Contact Information

John Eager Howard
4400 Shell Street
Capitol Heights, MD 20743

Elizabeth Saunders, Instructional Director    

Loretta White-Khaalid, Charter School Liaison

Attendance Boundary

There are no attendance boundaries assigned to charter schools.  Students may apply to attend any charter school of choice.  


Transportation to and from charter schools is not provided by Prince George's County Public Schools.  Charter Schools may opt to offer transportation at cost to the parent. Transportation is the sole responsibility of the parent. 
Enrolling in a Charter School- Please note that YOU MUST have your child's student Identification number at least 48 hours or more in advance of the close of the application.

If you are currently living in Prince George’s County but your child is not enrolled in a Prince George's County Public School, you will need to obtain a Prince George's County Public School issued student number for your child  – this number is required to complete the charter school lottery application.  You do not need to withdraw your child from the school currently attending in order to get this number. If you currently residing in Prince George's County Public School and your child attends a non-public school, you will need to provide the most recent report card as part of entry or re-entry into the Prince George's County Public Schools.

Proof of residence is a prerequisite of admission to the public schools. Such proof must have the name and address of the person registering the student listed. It must also be provided to school personnel with any change in residence or any change in schools. The person who is registering a student in Prince George’s County Public Schools for the first time must complete an Affidavit of Disclosure, as required by law, verifying their legal residence.

Proof of Residence

Proof of residence may be established by any of the following documents: settlement papers, lease agreement, rental receipt, deed of property, or a tax assessment bill. The documents must be originals, not copies. If there is a question regarding the validity of one of the proofs, school personnel may require additional information, such as a recent utility bill or employment verification. An individual may only have one principal residence and that residence is used to determine school assignments. In general, PGCPS follows the provisions of Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) to determine the principal residence.

Getting a Student Number

Please note that YOU MUST have your child's student Identification number at least 48 hours or more in advance of the close of the application.

Contact the school assigned for your home address to make arrangements to obtain the student number. Your home school can be found by visiting School Finder.

  • Bring your child's original birth certificate and your proof of Prince George's County residence;  you may use your deed, settlement papers or a lease or rental agreement to provide proof of residence;   
  • If you have residence other than the aforementioned please call the Pupil Accounting School Boundaries Office at 301-952-6300 for information on what documents to provide as your proof of residence);  
  • Inform the Secretary/Registrar that you need a student number to apply for the lottery.  Remain at the school until the number is issued by the Secretary/Registrar.    Use this number for application for your child to enter a Charter School;  
  • If your child has been home schooled, you must register with the Home Schooling Office at 301-333-1001 before entering the charter school lottery;  Learn more about homeschooling procedures
    If your child's most current school was out of the country, you must enroll or re-enroll with the International Student Counseling Office at 301-445-8460 before entering the charter school lottery.  - See more on the Area Charters website
  • Find more details about registration.