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General Counsel

The mission of the Office of General Counsel is to provide advice of counsel and legal services and representation to the Prince George's County's Board of Education, Chief Executive Officer, Executive staff, principals, and other school-based staff that support the management and organizational goals of the school system and contributes to ensuring success and achievement for students and staff of Prince George's County Public Schools.
14201 School Lane
Room 202-B
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
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Contact Our Staff

OFFICE 301-952-6063 | FAX 301-952-6056

Darnell L.  Henderson, Esq.,  General Counsel | 301-952-6063

Vacant, Deputy General  Counsel 

Lisa Blades, Legal Compliance Coordinator | | 301-952-6381
Cindy Guilday, eDiscovery Specialist | | 301-952-6339
Karen Remington, Administrative Secretary III | | 301-780-5917

Vacant, Associate General Counsel, Transactions  | 301-952-6795

Lori Branch-Cooper, Esq., Associate General Counsel, Employment | | 301-952-6790
Karen Remington, Administrative Secretary III | | 301-780-5917

Vacant, Associate General Counsel, Employment & Special Education  | 301-952-6048
Henry Johnson, Paralegal | | 301-952-6337 

Sally Robinson, Esq., Legislative Programs Counsel | 301-952-6067

Associate General Counsel, Liability | VACANT
Juernine Wright, Paralegal | | 301-952-6339

Associate General Counsel, Workers Compensation | VACANT
Henry Johnson, Paralegal | | 301-952-6337

General Counsel Contact Information

Darnell Henderson, Esq.
General Counsel
Lisa Blades
Legal Compliance Coordinator
Cindy Guilday
eDiscovery Specialist
Karen Remington
Administrative Secretary III
Deputy General Counsel
Associate General Counsel, Transactions
Lori Branch-Cooper, Esq.
Associate General Counsel, Employment
Karen Remington
Administrative Secretary III, Employment
Associate General Counsel, Employment & Special Education
Henry Johnson
Paralegal, Employment & Special Education
Sally Robinson, Esq.
Legislative Programs Counsel
Secretary III, Legislative Programs Counsel
Associate General Counsel, Liability
Juernine Wright
Paralegal, Liability
Associate General Counsel, Workers Compensation
Henry Johnson
Paralegal, Workers Compensation