• Welcome to the Office of Immersion Programs


    Full Immersion

    • The program language will be used as the main language in Mathematics, Science and Social Studies and Reading/Language Arts.
    •  Specials/Electives are taught in the language where possible as the program grows.

    Dual Language Immersion

    • The dual language program requires enrollment of 50% native speaking students and 50% English speaking students.

    Partial Chinese / STEM

    • The Partial Language with STEM programs are designed to meet the needs of all learners with 40+% of instruction in the targeted language. STEM and Math are taught 100% in the Chinese language.

    Dual Spanish / STEM (Comprehensive students only)

    • The Dual Spanish STEM program is designed to teach the content areas of Math and Science through the Spanish language.
    •  The Spanish STEM program started with an MSDE grant.