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Nurse's Corner


Pamela Carter

School Nurse

Help Stop the Spread of Illnesses

Prince George's County Public Schools has a policy for parents concerning children with illnesses and when to keep them at home.  Remember sick children need to be kept home from school.  Resting at home will help them get over the illness sooner and will prevent them from exposing other children and staff.  Your child should be kept home and you should contact your Primary Care Provider when your child has any of the following: 

When to Stay Home

  • A temperature of greater than 100.4 taken with an oral thermometer   
  • Nausea or vomiting  
  • Diarrhea  
  • Stomach pain that is constant.  If vomiting starts after the pain begins (call your health care provider that day)  
  • A headache that is interfering with activities  
  • A sore throat that causes difficulty swallowing  
  • Yellow discharge on eye lashes in the morning that comes back after being wiped off lashes and eyes that are red (call your health care provider for an appointment the day this is observed)  
  • A skin rash that causes itching and/or is on most of the body  
  • A constant cough and/or difficulty breathing  
  • Is complaining of feeling ill, has a lack of energy and/or a decrease in activity  
  • Your child may return to school when your health care provider says he/she can, when symptoms are gone for 24 hours or if your child has taken a prescribed antibiotic for a full 24 hours.