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Uniform Policy

Uniforms are required for all students.  

All uniforms must be neat and clean. Students should take pride in their appearance.  Hair should be completely groomed prior to arrival at school.  If a student is out of uniform, he or she will be sent to the Main Office. A parent or guardian will be required to bring appropriate attire to the school for the student.

The school uniform policy will accommodate students’ religious expression.

DPES Uniform Requirements


Light Blue or Dark Blue Polo Shirt

Navy Blue pants, shorts or skort   

White or Navy blue socks or tights

Black or Brown belt


Light Blue or Dark Blue Polo Shirt

Navy Blue pants or shorts

White or Navy blue socks

Black or Brown Belt

ALL Students:

Navy blue sweater

Students will be notified when "Summer Uniforms"

(navy blue shorts or skorts) are permitted

Fully closed shoes (sandals and flip flops are not permitted)

Girl's Clothing Options

DPES Girls Clothes 1.png

DPES Girls Clothes 2.png

DPES Girls Shoes.png

Boy's Clothing Options

DPES Boys Clothes 1.png

DPES Boys Clothes 2.png

DPES Boys Shoes.png