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CRI Staff

Doleres Cruz, Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Mirasol Miraluna, Paraprofessional

Marita Nolasco, 1st & 2nd Grade

Sharon Martin, Paraprofessional

Patricia Rhodes, 3rd & 4th Grade

LaToya Lovitt, Paraprofessional

Rohan Davey, 5th & 6th Grade

Karen Henson, Itinerant Special Education Assistant

Viola Spriggs-Serry, Itinerant Special Education Assistant

Noel Perez, Dedicated Aide


Program Description

The Community Referenced Instruction (CRI) Program is a segment of the Prince George's County Public Schools' Department of Special Education.  The CRI program supports students with significant cognitive and/or multiple disabilities ages 6-21, whose needs cannot be met in a less  restrictive environment.
Maryland Reading, Math and Science Content standard objectives are accessed using the Maryland State Curriculum (SC).  Students in the CRI program graduate from Prince George’s County Public Schools with a Certificate of Completion.  Click here for additional information regarding CRI.
Ongoing instruction emphasizes skills that will enable students to become as independent as possible at home, school, in their community, and in the work environment.  Each student in the CRI program has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that identifies the special education and related service supports needed for a student with a disability to benefit from instruction.  The IEPs are built upon the present levels of performance and education needs of a student.  Instruction in the CRI program is differentiated to meet the individual needs of the students.