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About Us

Principal: Dr. Patricia Wells-Frazier
Assistant Principal: Vacant
Special Education Coordinator: Mrs. Tera Whitfield, M. Ed.

2002 Calloway Street
Temple Hills, MD 20748

Phone: 301-702-3870
Fax: 301-702-7600
School Hours: 7:45 am - 1:55 pm

Mission Statement

The mission of Panorama Elementary School is to provide our students with the skills necessary to function successfully in our society as active and responsible community members. The opportunity to develop these skills will be provided in a safe and orderly environment through the cooperative effort of students, parents, community members and school staff. 


It is the vision of Panorama Elementary School to align curriculum, instruction and assessment to provide our students with comprehensive content knowledge. It is our goal to utilize evidenced based strategies, scientific inquiry, and offer "real world" connections with the infusion of advanced technology. This will enable our students to become critical thinkers, proficient writers, and master all fundamental and higher order skills to become career and college ready.