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Arrival & Dismissal

Student Arrival

Students are permitted to enter the school building at 8:00 am. All students enter through the front door and go to their identified area. Six and seventh grade students assemble in the gymnasium. Eighth grade students assemble in the cafeteria.

Student Dismissal

At 3:40 pm, all students are dismissed through the front doors. Vehicles that pick up students are located on the side parking lot adjacent to the bus lanes. In the event of late buses, students are escorted to the gymnasium until the late buses arrive. Any student that is waiting to get picked up, must remain in the main lobby near the main office. All parents/guardians are required to write administration a letter if there are in changes in regular dismissal routines. Administration reviews the request and contacts the parent/guardian to inform them of the approval of their request.

Early Dismissal

A “sign out” log is maintained in the front office. The two secretaries follow AP 5117 as students are picked up for early dismissal. State-issued identification is required to be seen in order to allow any student to get picked for early dismissal. The identification is compared to the information in Schoolmax in order to verify that student is being picked up by a legal parent/guardian. The cut-off time for early departures is 3:20 pm.

After School Clubs/Activities/Sports

Students that participate in after school activities must be with the sponsor of the activity by 3:50 pm. All other students must exit the building for dismissal by 3:50 pm.