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The Department of Testing, Research and Evaluation (DTRE) provides assessment data to schools and offices in evaluating student performance, determining instruction implications, and identifying resources needed to address the needs of each student.

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The Department of Testing, Research and Evaluation (DTRE) delivers reliable, timely, and purposeful assessment data to schools and offices in evaluating student performance, determining instruction implications, and identifying resources needed to address the needs of each student. As collaborative partners, we commit to cultivate a culture of evidence and data-based decision-making to ensure that student achievement is monitored appropriately and to ensure equity and educational excellence are a top priority.


To provide quality assessments that result in actionable, fair, and valid data measures. Every assessment administered will align to Universal Design Principles and Accessibility Features to maintain equitable access for all students.

Test Administration

Oversee and monitor national, state, and county assessments, providing resources, professional development, and ongoing support to schools and offices.

  • Test Administration for ES/MS
  • Test Administration for HS

Major Responsibilities

  • Work closely with School Test Coordinators (STC) to ensure that all testing procedures are followed and appropriate test security measures are implemented 
  • Provide information and training to better prepare staff for test administration and testing issues
  • Attend Local Accountability (LAC) meetings organized by MSDE in an effort to collect and disseminate information pertinent to the county
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Internal Assessment

Develop fair, reliable, and valid assessments that measure student learning and provide consultations, professional development, and related assessment services including oversight of the online, paper test, and scanning platform used by the district. (PGCPS Assessment and Reporting Platform)

Major Responsibilities

  • Support the creation and management of internal assessments used in the school district. 
  • Support Curriculum & Instruction and other central offices with the implementation of Benchmarks and Local Assessments.
  • Support the production of locally developed tests to determine student achievement in the areas tested by state assessments.
  • Support the administration of the TAP (Tests of Achievement and Proficiency) Testing Program used for testing of non-accredited students. 
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Data Management

Provide timely and accurate data files to vendors, internal DTRE and external PGCPS partners. Provide Data Analysis Support for internal DTRE and external PGCPS partners in terms/formats appropriate to each audience. Provide support for data literacy to schools and offices; and provide timely assessment data reports to internal DTRE and external PGCPS partners.

Major Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with IT for test data reporting for internal dashboards, state reporting, and other requests.
  • Collaborate with other district offices to build data literacy and optimize support for schools in monitoring academic progress using assessment data.
  • Data Stewardship for assessment data used as indicators in strategic planning, grants, state requirements, and other requests.
  • Provide analysis of assessment data to guide decision making for district stakeholders.
  • Build efficacy in school users using collaborative test data review practices to inform instructional decisions. 
  • Exchange accurate and time sensitive assessment data with MSDE throughout the school year and prepare pre and post test files for state and local assessments.

Research and Evaluation: Program Evaluation Services

Conduct valid and reliable program evaluations that focus on outcomes and/or processes through the application of established research methods

Major Responsibilities

  • Conduct and manage implementation and outcome studies to determine the extent to which programs have been implemented as prescribed and/or have produced the desired outcomes
  • Research and Evaluation

Research and Evaluation: Research Services

Conduct research, stakeholder surveys, meta analyses, and literature reviews of pertinent educational issues in accordance with the needs of the system

Major Responsibilities

  • Provide technical assistance on research designs, statistical analyses, and research methods to other offices and departments within the school system
  • Research and Evaluation

Research and Evaluation: Third Party Research Approval

Review all proposals for research not sponsored by the district to ensure that the rights, privacy, and welfare of any student, parent, or staff involved in research are protected

Major Responsibilities

  • Serve as the school system’s Institutional Review Board for both in-house and third-party research
  • Provide oversight of the authorization process which includes a detailed review of the proposed study design to assure conformance with the policies and procedures for research in our school system.
  • Research and Evaluation

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