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Mr. Quinn

Wednesdays 2:30-3:30pm (We will meet from 4pm-5pm the first Wednesday of each month when we have staff meetings.)

Google Classroom Code: e3r3ugv

Debate is designed to engage students in deep learning, the development of transformative life and career skills, and discussions of policy that impact The United States and the greater world. Students will conduct rigorous academic research to build strong, logical, and evidence-based arguments in preparation for competitions. Students will work collaboratively to improve public speaking and debate performance through actively practicing and reflecting upon strategies used to persuade their audiences and ground their arguments. The Debate Team offers students incredible opportunities to strengthen skills that will support their growth and development in their current academic classes, college, careers, and their personal lives. In our organization, we will focus on the fundamental research and rhetorical skills necessary for success in debate. We will focus on a variety of policy issues relevant to the United States and the larger world. These topics aim to be particularly relevant and push students to critically examine their own perspective and experiences. Pushing students to engage in evidence-based research on these topics will inform their abilities to both consider and counter alternative arguments on a topic that is foundational to our country and crucial to consider in addressing pressing issues nationally and worldwide.