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Quarter One Honor Roll
9th and 10th Grade

Quarter One Honor Roll
11th and 12th Grade


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Alumni Spotlight

Major General R. Scott Dingle

  • Frederick Douglass High School Class of 83
  • Morgan State University Class of 88

In July of 2019 Major General R. Scott Dingle was appointed to the office of The Surgeon General (TSG) and confirmed by the Senate in September of 2019. This appointment is a historical event. It is the first time in US history that an African American male and non-clinician has been appointed as TSG. It is also the first time an African American army medicine male, Medical Service Corps Officer and HBCU graduate in Army Medicine has reached the level of 3 Star General.

Speaking about Major General Dingle in 2017 his predecessor as TSG, retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Nadja Y. West, “described Dingle as one of the most dedicated individual's she has met and a leader who believes in selfless service and patriotic duty. “He radiates those values to everyone who has the privilege to come in contact with him. He wants everyone around him to be better,"

Acknowledgement: Source October 16, 2019

You can read more about Major General Dingle’s career and accomplishments here:

Major General Dingle describes his motivation in his “My Why” statement in 2018.