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FDHS Technology

General Technology Support

School Based IT Technician II

Joseph Newman
Office: Library Media Center
Ext. 83027

Technology Fees

Technology fees for Chromebooks and tablets can be paid online through myschoolbucks. You should sign in first and then go to PGCPS Technology Fees item. Once signed in you can also search for "tech" and choose PGCPS Technology Fees - Student & Family Use Only. It must have this logo below. 


Fees can also be paid using a money order. Please contact the IT Technician or Technology Liaison for the amount owed. If the information is not posted on the staff directory please contact the main office of the school.


How to "wake up" a Chromebook that will not turn on.*

If this method does not work your Chromebook might have a real power issue. Try plugging your charger into another outlet or try using another charger if you have access to one. Then try the "wake up" steps again. If it still will not turn on, take the device to your school's IT Technician.


If your Canvas, Clever or other site is not loading fully or not at all you might need to clear your Chrome/browser history. This method is very similar for a Chromebook or school laptop.

Tip: This issue is most likely due to having multiple email accounts used within the same browser. Try to use a different browser to access personal email accounts if you are on a laptop. If you are on a Chromebook delete that email access information from your current history. Go to Chrome menu-> History->History and delete recent history so the other account info is no longer there.

Manage Student Accounts Using IDM Self Service

Using IDM Self Service for Student Accounts

Students are able to manage their own accounts using the IDM Self Service Portal*. Parents can also assist students with resetting their passwords. View the helpful video on this page for more information.

*Due to necessary increased account security IDM Self Service must be used on a PGCPS network.