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Parking Information - Student Drivers

Student drivers are required to display a school issued parking permit in order to park on school property during school hours. 

Student Drivers Rules for Driving and Parking on School Grounds

  • Maximum speed limit on school grounds is 15 mph at all times.
  • Students will not be assigned a parking space. Those with parking permits may park in any available space in the student area.
  • Student vehicles parked in Staff parking and/ or not displaying a current permit will result in loss of parking privileges and car will
    be towed.
  • Reckless driving on school grounds will result in the mandatory loss of driving privileges and confiscation of your parking
    pass with no fee refund.
  • Do not pass loading or unloading school buses at any time.
  • All pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times.
  • Obey signals or instructions given by school personnel while directing vehicle traffic before, during and after school hours.
  • Keep your vehicle locked while parked on school grounds.
  • Students may not return to their vehicles during school hours without receiving authorization and possessing a pass from administration only.
  • Only one parking permit is allowed per vehicle. Each vehicle parked on school grounds must have a permit registered to that particular vehicle.
  • Students may not leave school grounds in their vehicles without authorization. Violation of this will result in discipline and the mandatory loss of parking permit. Unauthorized transport of other students off school grounds will result in disciplinary action and loss of parking permit.
  • Vehicles that are improperly parked, blocking fire or driving lanes, or constitute a safety hazard, may be ticketed or towed
    at the expense of the owner.
  • Students must immediately notify the school security staff in charge of parking of any change in vehicles or license plate number.
  • All drivers must possess a valid driver's license at application time.
  • The parking permit fee is $20.00 for each permit and a $25.00 fee for replacement of a parking permit (lost or stolen).
  • Display of parking permit is required to park on school grounds. It must be hung on the rear-view mirror, facing outward. It must be hung on any automobile you drive and park on school grounds. If permit is not displayed, vehicle is subject to a fine or towed.
  • Student drivers that are tardy to first period class will have their parking permit(s) confiscated for the following amount of time: 3 tardies - 1 week, 6 tardies - 2 weeks, 9 tardies - 9 weeks.
  • The use of another student's parking permit is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action and a loss of driving privileges.
  • The production and use of illegal or fake passes will result in serious disciplinary consequences.
  • Students acknowledge that he/she will be held responsible for contraband discovered within the automobile regardless of
Parking Permit Form

School Parking Pass Form

Parking Permit Fee

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Parking Permit Payment