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Summer Enrichment Assignments

All students are required to complete summer enrichment assignments. Students should be completing work for their core subjects (Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading & Language Arts) along with any packets for IB or AP classes as applicable according to the student's expected schedule for the upcoming school year.

Please make a plan for completing sections throughout the summer in order to avoid having to complete multiple packets and reading assignments at the end of the summer break.

Core Subject Packets

(Recommended but not required except for grade level RELA packets below.)

Reading and Language Arts Packets (RELA)
Diploma Programme Assignment(s)

(Required if enrolled in DP)

Advanced Placement Classes

(Required if enrolled in listed AP classes)

Additional Recommended Enrichment

Standardized Test Preparation

Generic Test Taking Strategies - These are not specific to PARCC but some tips are useful ie selecting places to sit for less distraction and effective knowledge recall, addressing familiar questions first, brief outlining