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Performing Arts


The Largo High School Performing Arts Program is designed to develop the interests and talents of students in fine arts while also enhancing the academic discipline, through creativity, artistic expression, and exposure to various cultures. Performance experiences and training are designed to challenge and develop skills of all students as well as provide exceptional opportunities for the artistically talented child. The ultimate goal is to have each student achieve their maximum potential both artistically and academically.

The curriculum provides specialized instruction and in-depth experiences in each art discipline through related arts integrated experiences and an infusion of the arts in the overall curriculum. The arts become an integral part of the student’s education within the structure of a sound academic program. The program follows the general curriculum guidelines that are used for all Prince George’s County Public High Schools. Please click HERE to view our Largo High Performing Arts Brochure and for more information about our program.


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Vacant   Performing Arts Teacher - Band 84076  
Vacant   Performing Arts Teacher - Dance 84033  
Rowland Michael Performing Arts Teacher - Choral 84055


The High School Dance curriculum is designed to enhance the overall experience dance with a more traditional focus on Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Dance Composition and World Dance.  At both the Middle and High School levels, Dance for Athletes is offered to support the athlete that desires to improve in their chosen sport. The program offers training in fundamental dance and creative techniques. Appreciation of dance as an art form is approached through studies in technique, dance history and in school and outside performances including the winter dance concert and PGCPS Annual Spring Dance Showcase. Dance as an integral part of the school curriculum fosters students’ self-confidence and develops a better understanding of team effort. Click HERE for more information about the Prince George's County Dance Program.

Vocal & General Music

The Vocal and General Music Program of Instruction provides students with the appropriate resources and opportunities to develop positive attitudes and sensitivities toward music through the development of musical skills and the learning of musical concepts. Additionally, within the instructional setting, students are provided pathways to the creative process through creating, presenting, responding and connecting music to other content areas. The curricula are aligned with the MSDE State Curriculum and the National Standards and students receive an extensive program including small and large ensembles, solos, participation in music festivals and concert performances. Musical skills of technique, theory, improvisation, and composition are developed daily. Click HERE for more information about the Prince George's County Vocal Music Program

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music is a curricular program offered in every traditional elementary, K-8, middle and high school in Prince George's County. Most students begin in 4th grade and participate through completion of high school by selecting one of over 18 different orchestral or wind musical instruments. The curriculum provides an opportunity for students to further their path to be college and career ready by teaching not only various musical skills, but also important life skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, multi-tasking, creativity, advanced literacy/reading, organization and responsibility. Click HERE for more information about the Prince George's County Instrumental Music Program.

Music Technology

The Music Technology program provides use of software emphasizing math, logic, reasoning and problem solving skills that expose students to a wide variety of computer experiences related to music. The program emphasizes hands-on experience in music technology software and hardware media. Students learn to operate studio equipment, gain knowledge, experience and skills in producing, directing, arranging, script, composing, editing and performing music. Projects are shared with the school community through podcast and other technology mediums. Students will obtain skills to prepare them for a certification in Pro-Tools or Logic Studio Software.

Media Art

The Media Arts program is the newest art form to be recognized at the national and state level. Maryland State Department of Education's definition of Media Arts is "using creative technologies for artistic purposes." Over the last year a small group of students have learned to operate studio equipment, gain knowledge, experience and skills in producing, directing, script writing and editing. These skills have been used for the Den News TV production and filmmaking in order to provided relevant information to the members in our community. Check out highlights from our 2019-20 Media Arts Team. Click HERE for more information about the Prince George's County Media Arts Program.