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Visiting & Volunteering


What is the Raptor Visitor Management System?

The Raptor system enables schools to issue visitor badges with name, photo, time and date and reason for the visit; monitor volunteer and visitor hours; and scan government-issued identification cards to instantly check registered sexual offender databases in all 50 states.

Check-In Process

What should visitors, including volunteers, do when they arrive at schools? 

During school hours, all visitors must sign in using the Raptor Visitor Management System and wear their Raptor visitor badge while in the school building.


All volunteers and chaperones must complete a background screening process and complete training related to student safety.


What trainings must volunteers complete prior to the activity/event?

All volunteers who regularly support schools as field trip chaperones, mentors, interns, tutors and others must complete the following training modules:

  • Prince George’s County Child Abuse Mandatory Reporting
  • Prince George’s County Public Schools’ Student Safety Procedural Changes
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Prevention

How do I access the training?

The training is available online through the SafeSchools training management system. 

Do all volunteers who provide support for schools need to complete the training requirements?

Only individuals who regularly support schools need to complete the training modules. This requirement does not apply to individuals who assist at one-time events under the supervision of PGCPS staff members at all times, such as volunteers for Career Day, Science Fair, College Fair, Spelling Bee, STEM Fair, Principal for a Day, Men Make a Difference Day, book fairs and school dances.

Are volunteers required to complete the training module online?

Volunteers must complete the online training modules in order to receive electronic confirmation and a certificate that this requirement has been completed.

How will we know that volunteers have completed the training?

As volunteers complete the training, participation is recorded and tracked in SafeSchools. In addition, the volunteer will receive a certificate of completion.

Once volunteers have been trained, can they work with students?

Upon completion of the training and receipt of the fingerprint background check and Child Protective Services (CPS) clearance, a volunteer can support the school.

Do parents/guardians who want to eat lunch with their child need to complete the trainings?

No. Parents/guardians eating lunch in the cafeteria with their children are considered visitors, not volunteers.

Are student-teachers, interns and mentors required to complete the training  modules?

Yes. Student-teachers, interns and mentors must complete the training modules.

Learn about the Fingerprinting and Background Check process.