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Cafeteria Program



To pay in advance for breakfast and lunch, students are assigned a 4 or 5 digit personal identification number (PIN#). The system then allows the PIN# to access an account set up for your child. The number is personal and is not to be divulged to or shared with other students. As long as the student continues to be enrolled at the school, the same number will be used. The computer system has been programmed to identify students receiving meal benefits.  Prepayments may be made to the student’s account by cash.  During mealtime, students will key their PIN# on a keypad located at the register, so it is important that students remember their PIN number. Please practice reciting this number with your child.

Households with more than one child at the same school may send one check or cash; however, you need to designate the amount of money to be placed into each child’s account. Children in the same household cannot share an account balance.


Free and reduced lunches are available only to those children whose parents apply through the school office. Showing justification for the free/reduced lunch is a requirement. The price of a reduced lunch is $.40.


The price of food is as follows for 2021-2022 school year:

Milk $0.55
Student Lunch $2.75
Student Breakfast $1.60
Reduced Lunch No Cost to Students
Reduced Breakfast No Cost to Students


Online Convenience

This is a reminder that the Prince George's County Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services Department has the availability of an online pre-payment site for student lunch accounts, My School Bucks. Parents are able to use a bank debit card, VISA, Discover or MasterCard on this simple, safe, and secure site to pay in advance for their student's lunch account. Features of My School Bucks include: pay for child’s meals with credit card or electronic checks via Internet or telephone from the convenience of your home or office twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, schedule automatic payments based on the account balance, monitor online what your child eats, and receive e-mail notification of meal account balance or low balance alert. Please bear in mind, however, that although browsing the site and checking your student's account information is free, transactions, including making payments, may incur a $2.00 fee, and you should allow 2-3 days for deposits to post to the account. 

You can view the daily menu at the following link Meal Viewer