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Policies and Procedures


The first bell rings at 7:35 A.M. Please encourage punctuality. All students should be in their classrooms by 7:45 A.M. Students who arrive after 7:45 A.M. are considered tardy and must get a late pass from the office. Students must also have a note explaining the reason for their tardiness and be accompanied to the office by an adult.

The staff of Pointer Ridge strongly urges that your child not arrive at school before the appointed time. Also, please instruct your child to follow the safest route to school -- safety patrols are located at hazardous crossings.Walking students who do not purchase school breakfast are requested to arrive at school no earlier than 7:35 and before 7:45. All students will enter the building through the front school doors.


Children who are late to school should report to the office before going to class. Remember that in order to have perfect attendance there can be no tardies. 


Students are allowed to ride bicycles to school. They should be parked and locked in the racks provided. The school is not responsible for losses. The use of motorized scooters is prohibited on school grounds. 


Students not riding a bus to school must walk to the front entrance of the school from Parkington Lane. Cars are not permitted to enter the school driveway or circle when buses are present, or between 7:15-7:45 a.m. and 1:25-1:55 p.m. Patrols are stationed at the entrance to admit staff and volunteers for the day. Please offer them the courtesy you would want for your own children.

Students should exit the car on the same side of the street as the school, so as not to cross the street.

Please line up in a single file and have children exit on the curbside. If it is necessary to accompany your student inside the school, please do not park in the circle area.


All persons visiting the building must report to the office. Volunteers will sign their name in the appropriate Visitor book and wear identification to distinguish themselves as a volunteer. When visiting the school to observe your child, to put money on a lunch account, or to volunteer in any way, please be advised that a picture ID must be presented at the Main Office, each and every time you wish to enter the building. If you have something to give your child, please bring it to the office. We will see that your child gets the item without interruption to the class. Teachers are not interrupted during the instructional day for telephone messages. If you leave a message, the teacher will be able to call you back after school as soon as it is possible. We encourage you to call before 7:35 a.m. or after 1:55 p.m.


A thirty minute period of free play is provided daily. Each teacher establishes standards for playground activities with students in order to promote their fair play, cooperation, and safety. Contact sports and activities are not permitted because they often result in injuries and misunderstandings. Students are not allowed to re-enter the building without permission. Students unable to participate in outdoor recess must bring a note from parents in order to be excused.


In order for a child to be excused from Physical Education, it is necessary for the child to bring a note to that effect, signed by the parent. When your child must be excused for an extended period of time, a doctor's note is required.


We encourage parents/guardians to visit the school. Classroom visitation provides you an opportunity to observe the great things happening in the classrooms and to view your child in relationship to his/her peers. All visitors should enter at the main entrance and must report to the office prior to going to the classroom. You must present a state issued ID to enter the classrooms.  Visitors will be given a pass for identification. Also, parents/guardians are requested to report to the office when leaving the school. If a court has ordered restrictions against any persons regarding visitations with your child, please provide us with copies of the court orders.


The safety of children is of primary concern to us. Safety, school pride, discipline, and responsible decision-making go hand in hand. Children from our fifth grade serve our school as safety patrols. They are chosen on the basis of their willingness to obey the rules, to respect authority and to cooperate in maintaining safety and accepting responsibility. We ask your cooperation in impressing upon your child the importance of obeying the patrols as they are insuring your child's safety when he is under their supervision. This applies to walking and bus children as the students on patrol duty serve the bus stops as well as at the crossings.


Students MUST have a written note from their parents to request alternate dismissal plans for one or several days. This policy has been set for the safety of your child. Children frequently get confused about when, where or how they will go home on these rare occasions, and often cannot be trusted to convey the correct wishes of their parents with regards to dismissalWithout written documentation from the parent of a desire to change the dismissal procedure, students must follow the regular routine set forth by their parent/guardian--no exceptions. The school office must be notified prior to 1:15 P.M. if there is going to be a change in your child’s dismissal procedure. In addition, students are not permitted to ride a bus if they have not been assigned to it without the approval of the principal. Written documentation is mandatory for this authorization.

If a student has to be released from school during the school daya parent or legal guardian must show proper identification and sign the student out in the Early Dismissal Book, which is in the office. Please have a picture ID ready for verification. No exceptions. No child will be dismissed with a stranger or on the basis of a phone call. Parents or legal guardians must report to the school office to pick up their children at which time he/she will be asked to sign the child out in the Early Dismissal Book. Parents need to arrive in the office to request early dismissal by 1:40 P.M.


According to regulations issued by the Board of Education, unless a student is assigned as a bus rider, he or she can't ride a bus to or from school with friends. IF YOUR CHILD IS PLANNING TO VISIT A FRIEND AFTER SCHOOL WHO IS A BUS RIDER, ARRANGEMENTS MUST BE MADE FOR THE PARENT TO TRANSPORT THE CHILDThese arrangements should also be made in advance and a note should be sent to the school office stating that the student has parental permission to go to a friend's house. Regulations also prohibit the parents from riding the buses to and from school.


How Parents Can Help

• Monitor and supervise your children at bus stop locations. Children under the age of seven need adult supervision to get on and off the bus safely.
• Explain bus conduct guidelines to your children who ride the school bus to and from school.
• Accompany your chil­dren to and from their designated bus stop location.
• Allow Prince George’s County bus drivers to enforce the guidelines set by the Board for student rider conduct.
• Refrain from approach­ing bus drivers/attendants at bus stops, schools, or bus lots with complaints, threats, or other negative situations.

Complaints should be made to school administration or transportation administrators. Failure to adhere to this policy could cause the affected student to lose bus-riding privileges

Rules to Ride

• Respect and cooper­ate with the driver. The driver is the authority on the bus.
• Keep your body and all objects inside the bus, and remain in your seat.
• No cursing or loud talk­ing on the bus.
• Keep bus clean. Do not litter or damage the bus in any way.

For detailed information on rules for student conduct while on the bus, refer to PGCPS Administrative Procedure 5131.1 or call the Department of Transportation at 301-952-6570.


 If you move out of the Pointer Ridge Elementary School attendance area during the school year, your child will require a transfer card to enter another school. Please notify the office when you know the date of your child's last day of attendance. Transfer cards will be issued to the child on that date. Please give the office at least one day's notice so that necessary information can be gathered from the teacher(s).


Parents are requested to notify the office promptly of any change in residence or job telephone numbers. We must be able to contact you in the event of an emergency.  Please update the office with updated cell and home phone numbers of all parents/guardians and email addresses.