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Dismissal Procedures

Three-year-olds attend school from 9:15 – 11:45.  They must be picked up promptly at 11:45.  The instructional aides and teachers have other duties that begin at morning dismissal time, and there is no one available to watch children who are not picked up on time.  If an emergency arises and you must be late, please notify the school office (301) 918-3515 as soon as possible.  

Full-day primary and elementary students will be dismissed at 3:30 and middle school and all bus riders at 3:55.  If dismissal plans change for your child, please notify the office in writing of the change.  Your child will be placed on the bus if there is no note. If you are picking up your child, please call the office before 3:00.  The office is hectic at the end of the day, so calling early avoids confusion. 

Early Dismissal

Parents must come to the office to pick up their children.  Students will remain in their classrooms until called by the Main Office staff to go and meet their parents in the office. Students should stay in their classrooms until their parents arrive.