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AP Summer Assignments

AP English Literature 

Ms. Schauffler Email: 

AP Government 

Ms. Guarracino Email: 

AP English Language and Composition

Ms. Jones Email:

AP PreCalculus

Ms. Rucker Email:
Students Must Create a Delta Math account. 


AP World History: Modern

Mr. Brannagan Email: 

AP Psychology

Mr. Quinn Email:

AP Computer Science Principles 

Summer Assignment - Join  and complete the Unit assigned (Unit 3 - Intro to App Design ('22-'23))

Signing in to with Google Classroom
Students must sign in with their Google Classroom account. Do the following:
Go to and click the 'sign in' button.
2. Choose 'Continue with Google'.
3. Sign in via the Google sign-in dialog.

Email AND  immediately if you have issues accessing the required course.

Do not wait until the last minute to do the work.

AP United States History


Mr. DeJan Email:
No assignment but students are encouraged to begin previewing the course through the following Crash Course U.S. History playlist.